#Retro Toy Review: The nJoy Pure Wand

Welcome to The Sterile Slut’s first entry in a new sub-series called #Retro Toy Review! While I will eventually be adding new toys to my collection to try and test (which therefore won’t be a part of this sub-series), I still thought this would be a good place to start as far as toy discussion goes. I also wanted to do this to combat the belief that being a media personality = buying products of whatever it is you’re writing/vlogging/podcast-ing about because your audience can ~only~ be entertained if you have shiny new things!

So let’s get started.

First up: The nJoy Pure Wand.

NJOY Pure Wand: Amazon.co.uk: Health & Personal Care
Sing it with me now: isn’t she lovely?

Retailing for $120 USD, what exactly do you get? A pound and a half worth of pure ass steel that’s 8” (200mm) long, with 1” (25mm) and 1.5” (38mm) ends. The nJoy Pure Wand boasts “superior G- or P- spot stimulation,” and claims that that its “perfect curvature” will essentially take to you Nirvana.

Our fave 5 Nirvana songs to celebrate the birthday of Kurt Cobain
No, I don’t mean this Nirvana, although a girl can dream.

First, we should tackle the elephant in the room: the fact that this weighty piece of craftsmanship is $120 dollars. I recognize this is can be a steep price point for those with limited financial resources. You know what’s best for you and your wallet, so if the price point isn’t something you can swallow at the moment, do not feel obligated to grab this. There are other, more affordable places to pick up something similar. There are also plenty of great resources (like Oh Joy Sex Toy) who catalogs and reviews all types of sex toys for you to do some research on if you’d like to decide for yourself where to buy.

With that being said, I absolutely think this toy is worth the investment if you save up for it. The fact that it’s stainless steel means it’s easy to clean and safe for insertion. It won’t degrade or rust, and it’s impossible to break. The one time you pay for it ends up paying itself back because taking care of it properly means you have it for a lifetime.

The nJoy Pure Wand’s claims live up to the hype for me as well. I bought this last winter when I got my tax return as a treat, since I was in the middle of updating my sex toy collection and wanted to have a healthy range of options for masturbating. I love using the smaller end when I’m feeling “warmed up” but not fully aroused; after 10 or so minutes of teasing myself, I switch to the larger end when I need more. I like the hefty feeling of the larger end as I’m using it because it gives me a full sensation, and when properly wet, the curve of the toy gives a gentle, orgasm-worthy stretch. Get it in deep enough and that promised “g-spot/p-spot stimulation” is divine!

I’m glad I have so many options for toys in the modern era, but where’s my ancient Roman hunk to give me a “genital massage?”

You get ample opportunity for heat or ice play with the nJoy Pure Wand. Since I clean my toys just before use, running it under hot water for a few minutes until the metal is nice and heated helps increase my arousal. I haven’t tried the “ice” play aspect of it, but you can get the same results by running it under cold water, or letting it sit in the fridge for ten or so minutes.

The last point I’d like to touch on is that it is great for beginners and can stand alone, meaning you don’t have to invest in other toys if you don’t want a large collection, or can only buy a toy every so often. I’ve had days where I’m not as aroused but still want to masturbate — this toy is perfect for being my one-and-done for the day when I don’t feel like rotating through three different dildos. Of course, you can pair it with things like anal plugs and external vibrators to enhance your experience (which I often do), but it has enough variety by itself that I rarely have a dull moment with it.

The Sterile Slut’s Final Rating of the nJoy Pure Wand:

Versatility: 💖💖💖💖🤍
Ease of Use: 💖💖💖💖💖
Cost: 💖💖💖🤍🤍
Hygiene: 💖💖💖💖💖
Overall: 💖💖💖💖(& 1/2) out of 5

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