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As of 6/3/2021, I am currently not accepting any new clients for INTIMACY COACHING SESSIONS at this time. If you are interested in an ASTROLOGY and/or TAROT reading, I am still available for scheduling once I return from my vacation – refer to THIS PAGE to get started.

Otherwise, see below for an explanation with a TL;DR at the end:

The Sterile Slut is going on hiatus for the month of June (and quite possibly, July) in order rest up, take pause, and explore the opportunity for rebranding.

Why am I doing this?

Recently, I graduated with my Masters in Fine Arts. Hell yes! You can imagine my jubilation at having achieved what has arguably been my biggest accomplishment yet.

But the post-graduation pause has not come without uncertainty. I’ve been thinking about where I want to go in terms of my career and feel passionate that academia is where my heart lies. Over the next few years, there are a series of steps I’ll have to take in order to make that dream come true – exams to take, programs to apply to, and a book I want to get published chief among them.

So . . . what does that mean for my business?

To tell you the truth, I’m not too sure. While I DO really enjoy the blogging, the boudoir, and the astrology/tarot work I’ve been doing, I don’t feel called to do the intimacy coaching one-to-one at this time. This may change if I choose to deepen my training at Intimacy Coaching International because I do have a vested interested in bodywork, but bodywork in my eyes is an extension of what I do as a spiritual practioneer and not vice versa. I have felt that my current approach to intimacy coaching feels divorced from this, and, try as I might to make the coaching my primary marketing strategy, that’s not what’s been getting eyes on me anyway!

Coming back, I am thinking about doing a “soft” reset. There are elements of what I’ve been doing that I will, of course, keep – again, I still like (most) of what I’m doing right now. But HOW I want to approach it and market it are going to get a bit of a facelift in order to line up more closely to my goals as a writer, an aspiring boudoir model, and a witch.

While you wait for me to come back, Part 1 of my blog post “Sex Tips for the Awkward Girl, Neurodivergent Edition” is up, and the rest of the blog will stay up as well for you to enjoy. I also have a video series called “Radical Self-Pleasure” that teaches vulva owners how to get situated in their body and learn how to establish a connection with their physical self prior to masturbation that is on sale for $10 HERE. You can also subscribe to my Patreon for an inside track on what this rebranding is going to look like or peruse my secondary blog if you’d love more witchy goodness in your life.

Lastly, though I will not be updating on social media for a while, I do have a lot of amazing collaborations I’ve done with fellow sexual wellness educators that you can find. The content is yours to enjoy!

TL;DR: On hiatus for June and quite possibly July to consider rebranding. Looking to move closer to merging sexual and spiritual practices so that what interests me is more aligned with what clients are seeking (which hasn’t necessarily been Intimacy Coaching!) Will be considering a name update, website changes, etc.