Coaching Services

Are you ready to transform yourself into the intimate being you’ve always wanted to be?

In the face of dire straits, change is possible. Whether you are a single woman wanting to learn how to conquer your fear of intimacy for the first time, or a newly minted polyamorous couple trying to navigate the challenges of open communication, I am here to help. Though I am new, my training with Intimacy Coaching International has prepared me to help you work through fears like these and more.

 My practice – which ranges from teaching you the Sensual Arts to learning how to de-armor your body – remains committed to guiding you towards the sexual being you want to be.  I have been trained on how to teach basic communication techniques, foundational bodywork exercises, and radical self-pleasure. I also combine this knowledge with my skill as a diviner, using astrology and tarot to provide a comprehensive profile that assesses your unique needs in order to custom-design sessions that will work best for you. 

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