Live Now! Anatomy 101, Part 1: The Yoni

Happy September my lovely heauxs! Following up from my previous post about the projects I’ve been working on, here is my completed video introducing my “Anatomy 101” series on YouTube!

Contained in the video is a ~20 minute guide that goes over the main parts of the vulva, including basic techniques on how to stimulate it, and some tips to keep in mind as you work on integrating these skills into your sex life. This video is intended to be those who want to get comfortable at the basic level, but can benefit couples at every comfort level if you are looking to (re)view and (re)visit these concepts. I also discuss in this video the future of this series, proposing a Part 2 for the Lingam and a Part 3 for Neo-Tantric techniques for Yoni-Lingam intercourse.

Remember, the goal of The Sterile Slut is to provide both education AND entertainment as we rebel away from your typical iStock missionary-only sex; your feedback on my presentation is greatly appreciated as I continue to acquire new tools and skills to present my work.


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