About the Author

Jasmine Sierra is your (mostly) run-of-the-mill 20something who got fed up with “the man” and quit her bogus office job to give her hand at freelancing. She is currently an Intimacy Coach in training and an emerging spiritual practitioner; in the long term, it is her goal to provide services to individuals who are seeking to reconnect with their sexual and spiritual selves again by providing them the information necessary to transform their inner world. Because Jasmine is also studying to obtain her Master’s in Fine Arts (specifically, poetry), she loves to write as well; The Sterile Slut exists to try and de-mistfy the process that goes into becoming an intimacy coach, as well as show her sexual know-how through the lens of one shy, polyamorous, childfree individual. Her thought processes go all over the place and so she can change her mind from post-to-post: one minute, she’ll have you reading about how lame it is that “womb magic” reinforces the sexist notion that having children is a woman’s highest purpose, and the next, she’ll review one of her beloved toys!

As for how Jasmine got here: her love affair for expressing her sexuality was nurtured in her erratic, laissez faire youth. By the time Jasmine started middle school, she already knew how to find the fabled “porn stash,” which late night programs would have the “soft core” porn, and what the meaning of a/s/l was in the AOL chatrooms. Such love is combined with Jasmine’s need to understand why others behave as they do — her BA from Oberlin College was in psychology, believe it or not! — as well as he desire to provide tangible service to others. It is her belief that individual liberation starts in sexual fulfillment, something one cannot access if they are blocked from their truth.